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Surprise, I got you a bunch of flowers and some candy in a heart-shaped box for your Valentine's Day gift!  If you are really hoping to surprise your special lady on the most romantic day of the year, this is not the way to go.

It is the thought that usually counts, but not on Valentine's Day.  On Valentine's Day, you have to shine.  You have to save all your creative juices for this occasion and wow your wife, girlfriend, or the woman you want to be your wife or girlfriend.

If flowers and candy are out – or at least not the main event – what can you get for her?

For the New Relationship


This can be awkward because you do not want to give a gift that says too much – but you also don't want to say too little.  These gifts say just the right amount:

  • A fun (or romantic, cheesy, chick flick) movie night with gourmet popcorn.  It says you thought of Valentine's Day and want to spend it with her without screaming, “I LOVE YOU!”
  • Donation to her favorite charity.  She'll love that you both thought of her and her interests, but again, it isn't too intimate for the new relationship.
  • Tickets to an event (symphony, theater, sports, etc.).  Another way to say, “Let's spend this day together.”
  • A treat for her dog or cat.  If you have just started dating, this can be a cute way to acknowledge the day without putting pressure on her or yourself.
  • Make her dinner and have her favorite wine or beer.
  • Hand-dipped gourmet chocolates, especially if they are homemade.
  • A crafty piece of jewelry.  No, not a diamond.  If your girl wears bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, look at pieces from local artisans and on Etsy.  Choose something that she might want to wear to work or while kicking back – but nothing fancy or overly expensive.


For the Established Relationship


Image by Flyinace2000 on FlickrWhen your girlfriend or wife says she doesn't want anything on Valentine's Day, she's lying.  Of course she does.  She just doesn't want to have to tell you; surprise her with one of the following ideas:

  • A night or weekend trip to an inn or bed and breakfast. It doesn't have to be in an exotic or expensive locale, but a change of scenery and some time together will be appreciated.
  • A gift certificate to a spa.  There are only two types of gift certificates you should ever get your partner for Valentine's Day.  A trip to the spa, if she enjoys pampering or a gift certificate for...
  • Lingerie at Victoria's Secret or another store.  Again, if she enjoys lingerie, this will be a fun gift, but you never want to buy it yourself.  Sizes are tricky!  Plus, make it a condition of the gift card that you will accompany her shopping for a day.  You will score big points for that, too.
  • Make her dinner (and clean the place up first).  You can't go wrong with her favorite foods, drinks, and a special dessert.  Sprinkle in a liberal amount of compliments and a small gift, and you're good.
  • Jewelry.  You can go with more expensive pieces for anniversary years, but a great piece of more casual jewelry will give her something to wear everyday that will remind her of you.
  • Write her a love letter.  Yes, it may be difficult and seem cheesy, but it will be her favorite gift by far.

What do women not want on the big day?  Things like lotion, bath supplies, or candles are nice thoughts for random Tuesdays, but they will disappoint on Valentine's Day.  The best Valentine's Day gifts for her are not the ones that are most expensive; sometimes the best gift is just spending time together.  Just make it special and make it about her. Women tend to value Valentine's Day more than men, so why not indulge her on this day with something a bit above the ordinary?

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