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Valentine Rose Flower Colors – What Does it all Mean?

Published June 21, 2007        by Nicole

Traditionally, red roses are the best selling Valentine’s Day flowers. They extend a message of romantic love & passion and are a great way to say ‘I Love You’ to your significant other making them the perfect choice for this romantic holiday. Other rose colors each have their own symbolic meaning so if you want to send flowers to someone that you aren’t romantically involved with, we’d recommend that you choose a rose color based on this list of interpretations. Of course, you can always mix rose colors to send a bouquet meaning multiple things such as a mixture of red and white roses which can mean unity.

  • White means purity, innocence and heavenly. It can be associated with new beginnings such as marriages or with remembrances such as memorial services.

  • Deep burgundy translates to beauty.

  • Dark pink says ‘Thank You’ or expresses gratitude and appreciation.

  • Light pink corresponds to sympathy, grace and joy.

  • Yellow means friendship, joy, happiness and warmth. A great gift for a true friend.

  • Orange and coral translate into desire and romantic passion.

  • Peach means appreciation and gratitude and can sometimes signify sympathy.

  • Lavender corresponds to enchantment or ‘Love at First Sight’.

  • Blue corresponds to the unattainable. A great color to send to someone who is an enigma.

  • Black signifies farewell and can be used to symbolize vengeance against an adversary.