Valentine Spa Gift Basket Ideas

vanilla orchid spa valentine spritzer Valentine Spa Gift Basket IdeasValentine’s Day is the perfect time to give the gift of indulgence.  What better what to celebrate than with a relaxing soak, fresh bath fragrances, rich lotions, and other treats?  Spa baskets make an ideal gift for friends and family members – especially those celebrating the tongue-in-cheek Single Awareness Day, which also happens to fall on February 14th!  A well-stocked spa gift basket can also make a great complement to a Valentine's Day gift for your special lady.  While you can buy pre-made baskets, you can also make your own that are custom-made for the recipient.

The Container

First, start with the basket. A beautiful, traditional basket is a nice choice, but you can use your imagination and try something different.  Why not fill a bath caddy, hat box, clear glass pitcher, rustic wooden crate, or small galvanized steel tub with spa items?  They have their practical side as well because the recipient can store her soothing, smoothing bath goodies in them as well.

Filling the Container

Whatever you choose for your container, here are some great ideas for filling it:

  • Bubble baths for those who like a sudsy soak, and bath salts for those who just enjoy the fragrance without the bubbles.
  • Scented soaps.  Handmade soaps with natural ingredients are a great gift because they not only smell great, they are often easy on the skin.
  • Body scrub and exfoliating loofah, sponge, or mesh glove.
  • Shea butter lotion.
  • Clay facial mask.
  • Massage oil or body oil.
  • Gel eye pack.
  • Neck pillow for maximum relaxation.
  • Reed diffuser or fragrance oil warmer (if the latter, make sure to include tea lights).
  • Big, thick, plush towel for wrapping up in after.
  • CD of relaxing music (or iTunes card so she can download her own bath tunes).
  • A new book by her favorite author (or a gift card for an ebook).
  • A bottle of wine or champagne.  A hot bath and a glass of wine is a treat for anyone!
  • Chocolates. Wrap these very well so they do not soak up the scents of the spa items!
  • Spa slippers or pedicure socks.
  • Gift certificate to a spa for a facial or massage.
  • A babysitter, friend, or relative if the recipient has children. She needs time to enjoy all of these spa treats in peace!

GC 7991 Valentine Spa Gift Basket IdeasMaking it Extra Special

The best part of creating your own spa basket is that you can customize it for the recipient and for your budget.  Whether you add everything or just a few carefully chosen items, this gift is sure to be appreciated.  How can you make your basket even more special?

  • Choose one fragrance or two that complement each other.  The key is relaxation, not sensory overload!  Lavender is a popular, soothing scent, as is gardenia.  You could also mix two fragrances, like rosemary and mint or cucumber melon.
  • Make it an all-natural gift basket for her.  Choose soaps and lotions that are made with all-natural ingredients.  This may be especially helpful if your recipient tends to have “problem” skin, dry skin, or skin irritations to normal soaps.
  • Make it local.  Look in local stores or on Etsy for handmade soaps and bath products.  These have spectacular fragrances and are often little works of art in their own right. Handmade items tend to be more pricy, so choose just a few great ones.  You could also make it very local by making your own bath products.  There are kits online to help you (but make sure to give yourself ample time).
  • If you include sweet treats like Valentine's Day chocolate, or teas and coffees, always wrap them very well – or give them in their own basket.  Lavender is lovely, but lavender-flavored chocolate is not.
  • Choose a color scheme.  This gives the basket a very professional, polished look.

This Valentine’s Day, treat a special lady to a customized spa basket, filled with incredible, fragrant treats and more than a touch of love.  Relaxation is a gift that keeps on giving.

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