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Valentine's Day Party Games

Published January 28, 2015        by Matt

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valentine party games

Games For Valentine's Day

Aaah love is in the air! Valentine's Day parties for both kids and adults are in full swing which means that it is time to think about games for your big bash. Below we've outlined some fun games for both kid and adult parties.

The kids games are perfect for classroom parties or for a local gathering of neighborhood children in your home on Valentine's Day. These quick and inexpensive games are sure to keep them entertained!

The adult game section includes ideas for mixed group, couple or friend parties. Some are appropriate for older children as well. Enjoy these party games and have a Happy Valentine's Day! And don't forget a holiday basket for your sweet Valentine!

Kids Valentine Party Game Ideas

Steal My Heart Game - This is a fun, laugh out loud game for kids who are old enough to have some hand-eye coordination. Simply purchase a couple large bags of Valentine candy conversation hearts. Place them in a large bowl at the center of the classroom or kitchen table. Have the kids take a spot around the table being sure that it isn't too crowded. Give each child a set of chopsticks telling them the goal is to 'steal' as many hearts from the big bowl of candy as possible. You can either give them individual small bowls to store their stolen hearts or tell them to make a pile right in front of them. Be sure to emphasize that they can only use the chopsticks - NO HANDS. Say go and time for 3 minutes yelling out stop. The child with the most hearts in their bowl or in front of them when time runs out wins the Valentine prize.

Valentine Memory Game - Purchase one or two bags of those cute little Valentine conversation hearts that carry messages like 'Love Ya'. Prior to starting the game, pour the candies out and go through them to find pairs of hearts that are identical (same color and same saying). When you are ready to play the game, lay all the pairs of hearts face down (saying down) on the table or other flat surface. Have the kids gather round the game area and explain that the goal is to find pairs of hearts that have them same saying and color (show them an example so they understand the goal). Go around the circle having each child taking a turn by flipping over two hearts. If they are lucky and smart enough to get a pair, they get to take another turn until they miss. When they miss, the hearts get flipped back over (face down). Kids with a good memory can remember where the missed hearts were to create their own pairs. The kid with the most pairs when all of the hearts are matched wins the game.

Hugs & Kisses Candy Jar Game - Buy a bag of Hershey's Chocolate Kisses and a bag of Hershey's Chocolate Hug Candies at the grocery store. Place the hugs and kisses in a large clear glass bowl or jar. Have each child write their name on a piece of paper along with their guess at how many pieces of candy are in the jar. The child closest to the actual number wins the jar of Valentine candy or you could give that child a special prize and divide the hugs and kisses between all the kids.

Valentine-Themed Pictionary Game - This game works best when you can break the kids into 2 teams with 4 - 6 players per team. First you need to come up with a list of Valentine themed words that can be easily drawn by the kids at the party. Things like flowers, heart, candy, rose, necklace, arrow, etc. are good ideas. If the groups are large, it is best to have large sheets of paper where the clues can be drawn. Flip a coin to see which group draws first. The goal is to get the group to guess the word based on the drawn clues. Then have one of the kids from that group draw out the clue (with no hand gestures or talking) while their teammates try to guess the word within the allotted 1 minutes time frame (you can adjust the length of time based on the kids drawing ability and their age). If the team doesn't guess the word in the allotted time, the other team can steal the point by guessing the word correctly. The team with the most points after several rounds or the team that gets to 5 points first wins - just specify the rules before you begin playing.

Valentine Heart Hunt - This game is played kind of like an Easter egg hunt. Depending on how many children are going to play the game (you should have at least 10 hearts per kid), you need to hide either hearts made of red construction paper, heart-shaped chocolates covered in foil, or even those large sized conversation hearts. You hide them all around the classroom, yard, or house. Split the kids into teams of 2-4 and something to hold the hearts they find. While timing them, tell them to find as many hidden hearts as they can. When the time is up, have the group count up how many hearts they found. The group with the most hearts wins a prize.

Make A Word Valentine's Day Game - Write out the word 'Valentine's Day' in large print on either the classroom chalkboard, a large poster board, or give each child a sheet of paper with the word 'Valentine's Day' at the top of the sheet. The goal is for the children to make as many 3 or more letter words that they can using the letters in 'Valentine's Day'. It may be a good idea to give them an example so they understand the objective (e.g. tiny, vent, alien, etc). Once you are set-up, start the game by calling out go and timing for 5 minutes. At the end of the time period, the child with the most words wins a fun Valentine gift or prize.

Pin The Heart on Cupid - Buy a large piece of poster board. Draw a picture of cupid on the poster board using online clip-art pictures as a visual guide. Hang the poster board on the wall being sure to have the intended heart location at hand height for the kids. Have each child make a red heart out of construction paper or give them each a red heart that you make. Put double sided sticky tape or a adhesive glue dot on the back of the hearts. To play, blindfold each child, give them a spin around and have them pin the heart on Cupid. The child that gets closest to the intended location of Cupid's heart wins.

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 Valentines Day Party Games

Adult Valentine Party Game Ideas

Lovers Lifesaver Relay Game - Before the party, buy a roll of red lifesaver candies (you could get one roll of red and one white personalized mint tin to coordinate with a red/white Valentine party). To start the game, split the party goers into groups of 3 or more players - just be sure to have the same number of players on each team to make the game fair. Have the players for each group line up single file in a straight line giving each of the players a toothpick that they hold in their mouth (no HANDS allowed). Then give the first person in each group's line a lifesaver candy which they hang on the toothpick in their mouth. Once you yell start, the first player in line passes the lifesaver from their toothpick to the toothpick of the next player in line (without using their hands). They pass it to the next and so on until the last person in line has the lifesaver on their toothpick. The first team to get the lifesaver to the end of their relay line wins the game. NOTE: During the game if the lifesaver falls to the ground or someone uses their hands, the team must start all over at the beginning with the lifesaver on the first player's toothpick.

Suck & Blow Valentine Card Game - This fun game requires 8 or more players and it is best played with an even number of people and equal number of men and women so that people can sit boy-girl-boy-girl. It is great for parties with lots of single people. Have the party goers sit in a tight circle very close to one another because they will be passing cards with NO HANDS so moving around a lot while holding the card can be difficult. Give a card from a standard or heart-shaped deck of playing cards to one of the people in the group. The goal is to pass the card to the next person in line without dropping it. The first person holds the card to their mouth by sucking on it like a vacuum, they pass it to the person on the right by placing the card on their mouth so that neighbor will need to suck on the card to hold it while the first person blows (releasing the suction) to let go of the card. Don't drop the card or you'll be kissing the person sitting next to you! This game gets lots of laughs.

Romantic Love Scrabble - The perfect game for a couple or set of 2 couples to play on Valentine's Day. You will need a standard Scrabble game. Basically it is played the same as regular Scrabble, but words must be romantic in nature. If not, you must prove that the word can somehow be interpreted romantically by using it in a romantic sentence or sentence with sexual innuendo. For example, someone could get away with playing the word 'hood' by justifying it with a sentence such as 'I'd like to get a look under your hood'.

Mending A Broken Heart Game - This is a great ice-breaker games for adult parties where people don't all know each other. Prior to the party, cut big red hearts out of standard construction paper. Cut the hearts in half by using funky zig zag patterns (be sure the pattern is significantly different from each half-heart pair to the next). When guests arrive at the Valentine party, give them half a red heart and tell them to find their match to mend the broken heart. It is a great way to encourage guests to mingle with one another.

Cupid Bingo - Played just like standard Bingo, this game is modified slightly to theme it for Valentine's Day. Instead of saying BINGO at the top of each game card, it says CUPID. Before the party, you can easily make the CUPID bingo cards on your computer or make them up by hand on construction paper. Cards should have a 5 x 5 grid with the word C-U-P-I-D written across the top. The center free square can have a red heart instead of the word 'free'. Assign the other squares numbers. Buy a large bag of foil-covered Valentine chocolates or pink and red M&M candies for people to cover the spaces when the moderator calls out a number on their CUPID card. Choose a moderator to call out the numbers (from a container where you've made up little squares of paper with the Cupid card numbers such as C1, U8, P14, etc). Then just play like regular bingo with the moderator calling out numbers until someone yells out CUPID because they got a bingo. Have little prizes to hand out the winners of each round.

Adult Valentine Games from Amazon

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