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Valentine's Day - What's Love Got To Do With It?

Published July 19, 2007        by Nicole

Love! We all need that warm, fuzzy, feeling we call love. Love is a strong positive emotion of regard and affection, and love makes the world go around. This wonderful emotion makes us feel wanted and appreciated. We have love for our family and children and the love for each is different and unique to each individual. This love is unchanging no matter what situation occurs or what these individuals do. This type of love is truly unconditional love - a love that will not leave us no matter what and a love that would make us jump off of cliffs for.The love we feel for these individuals is different than the “shaking in the knees, heart fluttering” kind of love we may feel towards someone we are dating. Oh, the awesome feeling of first love and infatuation is one you will never forget! This type of love is romantic, intimate and sexual and this same type of love is felt between an engaged or married couple.Yet this love can change and grow or it can change and deteriorate over time. It can be the most beautiful feeling and it can be the most heartbreaking. It’s this romantic, intimate and sexual love between two individuals that must be worked at each and every day in order for it to endure the years.So what can one do to keep the romance in your life alive?

Here are some tips that will help to keep the love alive:

1) Do little things in the course of a day such as leave notes, send holiday gifts and baskets, bring home flowers or call just to say you love each other.

2) Make a date with each other. Schedule regular dates without the kids, if possible, and make time for each other.

3) Show affection by holding hands, cuddle, and kiss. This will keep your partner happy and also sets a positive, healthy example for your children.

4) Show your appreciation for each other every day.

5) Keep the communication lines open and truly listen to your partner.

6) Always give 100%.

The most romantic day is nearing - Valentine’s Day! It is a day to celebrate love and romance, and the bonds you have created with your loved one. As the day of love nears, plan to make it an unforgettable day and spark the love and romance in your life.

Here are some ideas for what to do:

1) Make your own Valentine’s Day gift card, write a poem or a sincere love letter.

2) Book the honeymoon suite of a hotel and plan a night evening of romance.

3) Plan a romantic getaway.

4) Prepare a candlelight dinner and a night of dancing.

5) Watch a movie that has special meaning to both of you, such as the movie you saw on your first date.

6) Propose all over again.

There are many ways that you can be romantic, but the most important is to say “I love you” on a frequent basis. Those three words go a long way. So what does love have to do with it? Love has everything to do with your relationships and your life. Without love, our existence would be dark and dreary.

Doesn’t it feel wonderful to be loved?