Ways to Thank your Clients this Holiday Season

corporate holiday gift Ways to Thank your Clients this Holiday SeasonIf you have special working relationships with certain business colleagues, you’ll want to do something at holiday time to let them know you value their business. Loyalty in business means a lot in today’s rapidly changing “here today, gone tomorrow” climate. Foster goodwill and show your generous spirit by offering your clients something meaningful this holiday. Tailor it to them and you’ll really impress them with your thoughtfulness.

A Cruise

Organize a company cruise with clients this year. Just about everyone lives near some waterway even if it’s a lake. It doesn’t have to be the Atlantic Ocean, although that would make for a spectacular site. You can hire a charter boat to accommodate as many people as you like. Offer the invitation to all your employees as well as all of your recipients if the numbers aren’t overwhelming. Offer a dinner cruise with live band. You’ll be remembered for it long after the holiday decorations come down. Another way to do the cruise is to invite just the head executives at your client’s company and the tops of yours. You can have a more intimate cruise that way. Limit it to three or four hours, however, so you can enjoy yourselves but not tire of each other’s company. Make a toast or speech thanking your clients for joining you and for their business.

A Simple Treat

Sometimes it’s the simple things that mean the most. Sending over a frozen turkey for each employee at your client’s business is a nice idea. It shows you have holiday spirit and the delivery time will be fun as everyone will be invited to come and pick up their gift. You can also do a frozen ham. These foods will keep until the employees can get home and refrigerate them.logo cookie box Ways to Thank your Clients this Holiday Season

Send Lunch

Pick a day near the holidays to send over a catered lunch for your client’s employees. Make sure to schedule it well in advance with the secretary so that someone knows to expect it. They’ll want to get the word out on their end that you’re providing lunch for them on a certain day. If you want to keep it a surprise, have the client’s secretary announce it that morning before everyone makes their lunch plans. This can be a real treat for people especially if they are in an industry that gets busier around the holidays. They may not even have time to go out to get lunch during very busy days, so your treat will be extra inviting.

Play Santa

Visit your client in person with a gift for everyone on his staff. Even if it’s just a gourmet cookie or a custom chocolate bar, the fact that you showed up in person and took the time to distribute it will make all the difference. Whether you decide to go in full Santa costume is up to you!

Think about the individuals you want to thank. Instead of sending something generic that could be for anyone, consider the client’s work environment, product line, tastes and location. By personalizing your thank you gifts to the individuals, you’re giving the positive impression that you value working with them. And in today’s business climate, every relationship counts.

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