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Published April 04, 2008        by Nicole

wedding favors gifts 205x300 Wedding Engagement RingMy husband has always been a bit of a prankster, especially when he was younger. I hear many stories from his family about the time he was dared by his older brother to set light to a full 44-gallon drum of Diesel. Or the time he sat up all night and waited for someone to go to the toilet in the dark, his mother half asleep was given the shock of her life when he jumped out of the shadows at 2am and yelled ‘rah’. My husband was always very mischievous and well known for doing naughty little things. One year at Christmas time he played a prank on his five siblings, by bringing out a bag of 20c lollies each and wishing them all a merry Christmas. Later on when they were all upset that he hadn’t got them a holiday gift he brought them all real presents out.

It is this spontaneity and fun approach to life that has helped make a marriage of 11 years enjoyable, every minute of it. I particularly like to tell the story of how he proposed to me on our engagement.

At that time in my life I was having a lot of difficulty, as my father was dying from an incurable form of cancer. I had taken my father and mother to visit his brother, who he had not seen for many years. It was a very long trip and I had to leave my boyfriend (husband) behind for 4 weeks to do the trip, which was over 1,000 miles long. I missed him terribly while I was gone and looked forward to talking to him every night on the phone.

Just before I was due home my boyfriend told me that he had bought me a gift, and he would give it to me when I got home from my trip. I couldn’t wait to get home to see what it was….

When I got home I was overjoyed to see him, and later on that night he told me that he had some bad news. The gift that he was going to buy, which was a beautiful golden locket with a sapphire stone in it, had been mistakenly sold. The sales girl was supposed to be keeping it for him, he apologized and told me that he didn’t have any gift after all. I told him not to worry, I was just glad to be back home and able to spend time with him again.

Weeks passed and we drove up to my parents farm to see them, while we were there, my boyfriend pulled me aside and told me that he had an early birthday present for me. It was about 2 weeks early, he produced a white paper bag from his pocket, I laughed at him and said "what a 20c bag of lollies?" He just smiled and handed me that bag of lollies, inside was a beautiful diamond ring, I looked at it and was breathless, it was so beautiful. "You know what that is don’t you?" he asked putting the ring on my finger, "of course I do" I gushed.I enjoy telling the story of how my husband proposed to me, it was very romantic and spontaneous, the funny thing was he had that ring ever since I had got back from my trip. But couldn’t get up the courage to give it to me, until he come up with the idea of giving me a 20c bag of lollies.