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Published April 08, 2008        by Nicole

Wedding Party Gift Ideas

wedding party gifts 200x300 Wedding Party Gifts

It's a tradition that the Groom gives you a gift at some time during the rehearsal dinner. The thank you gift is for standing up with him at the wedding. Common gifts include money clips, wrist or pocket watches, fountain pens, tickets to a sporting event, lighters, key chains, cigar cutters, cigars, beer steins, or gift certificates to a sporting goods store or restaurant. It's nice when these gifts are engraved with the date of the wedding and your initials. The gift then becomes a nice memory of the event in later years. (The engraving also ensures that you'll keep it because it'll be harder to "re-gift" the next time you're in a jam. We'll get into that later.)

Gift Recommendations

The Best Man or Groomsmen don't customarily give the Groom a gift at the rehearsal dinner. Your wedding gift is your gift to the happy couple. If the surveys are any indication, you probably spent more than you thought you would at the bachelor party, so there's no real need to add another gift to your list.

Wedding etiquette also offers a lay-away plan. Etiquette dictates that you have up to one year from the date of the wedding to give your wedding gift without looking like a heel. Personally, the one-year rule never worked for me. I always ended up waiting nine months, and then I had no idea if I sent the couple anything. It's also embarrassing to have to ask the couple if you sent a gift because they probably don't know or care by that point. On one occasion, I mailed two or three wedding gifts at the same time after many months of torture, and within two weeks I learned that two out of three were delivered to old addresses and/ or lost by the post office. My advice is to bring it with you and drop it off at the wedding.


If you give cash as a wedding gift, I am truly proud of you. As a former Groom, there's nothing like it because you can do whatever you want with it-no strings attached and no waiting in line at the returns aisle.

Unfortunately, most people don't feel comfortable giving cash because, let's face it, if you want to spend less than $100 bucks, you can't really give cash.You have to get a gift that looks like it might be worth a hundred. You can also get them a few gifts so it'll definitely look like you went all out and hit the $100 mark.

If you're over seventy years old you may want to pull the U.S. Savings Bond scam. (Do senior citizens actually think anyone keeps the bond for the hundred years it takes to reach the face value?) If you ever get one of these, run down to your local bank, cash it, and go get yourself a new CD, or maybe two if you're lucky.