Welcome Out of Town Wedding Guests Gift Basket Ideas

spa basket Welcome Out of Town Wedding Guests Gift Basket IdeasWith families and friends spread out across the globe these days, chances are some of your wedding guests will be traveling to come to your wedding. When they arrive, they will be tired and in need of some pampering. Why not leave gift baskets at their hotels so they can freshen up or treat themselves to something tasty? Filling a gift basket for guests shows you really thought about the effort it took them to travel to see you get married. Even if you’ve never met your fiancé’s Uncle Bob and Aunt Helen from Michigan, you can still make them a gift basket that feels personal and well thought out.

Your gift basket container doesn’t actually have to be a basket. If your guests have to get back on a plane after the wedding, they won’t want to carry a hefty basket with them. And they won’t want to discard it either. So, what to do? Instead, pack your goodies in a sturdy disposable bag or cloth tote. That way, they can easily carry it or tuck it in their suitcase to take home.

Include local delicacies. If you live in Vermont, you’ll want to include maple syrup candies and perhaps Vermont cheddar cheese with some crackers. A California gift basket could include oranges and other citrus. Is your town known for its barbecue? Put a couple of bottles of barbecue sauce in.

Don’t feel you have to stick to only one thing. If you want to include fruit and snacks for the room, you can also include sunblock for the beach, extra sunglasses, or a foldable beach hat. You can also put in bath beads, a candle with matches for a relaxing bath, or travel size toiletries in case they forgot some of their own. Include bottles of water for your guests’ convenience.

The best thing you can do is put yourself in your guests’ shoes. Have they ever been to your area? Include maps to the area with coupons or gift certificates to restaurants or theatres. Make sure you include phone numbers of people they can contact if they get lost or have last minute questions. Include lists of things to do in the area and recommendations for the best sushi, barbecue, or whatever your area is known for.

If your guest are going to bring their children, you’ll want to include age-appropriate things to occupy them at the hotel. Inflatable float wings for swimming or a soft teddy bear are always welcome for little ones. Bigger kids will like travel games that they can play in the car or on the plane as well as puzzle books and markers. Include drinks and snacks they can enjoy in the room.

Think like a foreigner. What would you need if you just arrived in town? Is the weather vastly different than the climate your guests are coming from? Offer t-shirts or flip flops in case your guests didn’t know it would be so warm. Or offer a cozy flannel blanket with your hometown team’s logo on it for winter travelers.

You can get as creative as you like with your wedding guest gift baskets. Think about their needs while they are staying and you’ll be able to come up with some great ideas.

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