What are the Best Personalized Gifts for Clients?

Personalized presents for clients

Personalized presents for clients

Show your clients your appreciation and gratitude with our ideas for the best personalized client gifts. What are the best personalized gifts for clients? If you're struggling to find the best business gifts, read on for our top suggestions to help you make a great impression and give a corporate gift with meaning.

When choosing your client gift, think about what the gift says about your brand, how it shows your customer appreciation, and how it reflects the value you put in your relationship. The best personalized gifts for clients take all three of those factors into account for a thoughtful and memorable display of your gratitude.

1. Personalized Snacks

snack gift basket ideas for clients

Personalized snacks are very sweet when someone gets a snack that you know they love. You will give them something that they will love snacking on, and they will feel very loved because of the way that you have given this gift. You could include a favorite candy bar (or a wholesome snacking tray if you know they are trying to eat healthy.)

2. Personalized Decanter or Wine Tool

Personalized holiday gifts

A personalized decanter or wine tool can be fun for people who love wine, but you might want to include a bottle of wine to make this gift just perfect for your clients. You will have clients who have fallen in love with your business because they get these gifts every year, and you could put their initials or the name of their business on the things you give them.

3. Personalized Kitchenware

Personalized gift ideas for clients

A personalized kitchen product could be really fun or really silly. You might give a spatula to a client if it is a joke between the two of you, or you could give the client a beautiful cutting board that will always sit on their counter.

4. Personal Trainer Hours

Personalized holiday gifts for clients

You could give your client the gift certificate for a personal trainer, but you can only give this gift if you know that that is something that will not offend the client. The client should be someone that you have talked to about things like this before, and they will be very thankful because it saves them some money.

5. Gift Certificate for Online Training

Custom holiday gifts for clients

There are some exciting online training programs that include yoga, kickboxing, and aerobics your clients could do in their own time. Include a handwritten note explaining why you decided to gift them this class to add another personal touch.

6. Sports Tickets

Thoughtful holiday gifts for clients

Giving clients sports tickets is always a great gift because you get to know the teams that people love. They will be very thankful because people are usually very invested in their teams.

7. Tickets for Them and Their Spouse

Unique gift ideas for business clients

Giving tickets to the theater or symphony for a client and their spouse allows them to go out and do something great like see the opening of an art exhibit. You are making their life more fun, and they will love that you thought of something so nice.

8. Membership to Spotify along with a Playlist from the Office

Personalized holiday business gift ideas

Your clients might fall in love with the music in your office, and they will be so excited to hear the music that you play in the office. You can give them a membership to Spotify for the year and create a playlist related to their work, like songs you recommend to help them feel powerful before a presentation.

9. Golf and Tennis Lessons

Sports gift idea for clients

Golf and tennis lessons are good for the people that you know will play these sports or want to learn. You know that many of your clients need a reason to do these things more often, and they will fall in love with the sport because you gave them the opportunity to invest time in it.

10. An Audio Book Club Subscription

Useful gift ideas for clients
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An audio book club subscription is great for people who walk or run every day. They can listen to these books in the car while they drive, or they can listen to these books while they are on the road. The subscription is a very thoughtful gift, and your clients will thank you for giving them the gift of reading.

11. Amazon Prime Subscription

Client holiday gift ideas
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Amazon Prime pays for itself quickly, and there are many clients who will fall in love with this subscription. This subscription will unlock a world of movies, books, and TV shows, as well as discounts and free shipping throughout the year. This gift will surely impress your client!

12. Subscription Box Service for Their Child

Family gift ideas for clients
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Your clients will love having a box for their child that could include anything from games to books. You want their family to feel included in these gifts, and you can send out a box as soon as the holiday season starts.

13. Wine Club

Business client holiday gift ideas

A wine club will send your clients a different bottle of wine every month, giving them a sampling of the world as they taste a wine from a new region with each delivery. Your clients will appreciate the chance to enjoy a new bottle of wine and remember you (and your business) fondly as they have a sip at the end of the day.

14. Beer of the Month Club

Popular client gifts

In a similar spirit, you can gift your client with a Beer of the Month Club. They will enjoy sampling the different beers you have sent them and appreciate the ongoing gesture throughout the year. A beer of the month club is a constant reminder that your company did a good job tending their account.

15. Pet Supply or Training Certificate

Best personalized holiday gifts for clients

This is a great opportunity to show that you've listened to your client: if they recently got a new pet or are thinking of getting one, gift them with a pet supply or training certificate. Your clients will remember when using these supplies and know you value their relationship because you listened about the details of their lives.

Choosing the best personalized gifts for clients allows you to make their holidays even brighter, and show your appreciation to them as a client. Finding the perfect gift can be difficult, but we hope this has given you some ideas this holiday season.

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