What Gift to get for a Gender Reveal Party

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While a baby is an exciting moment in anyone's life, it can also be a scary moment when you're trying to decide what gift to get for a gender reveal party. A gender reveal party is a party that is not only helpful for parents-to-be, but also a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They learn, for the first time and in front of family and friends, the gender of their baby.

Popular gender reveal party gifts work well for a boy or a girl. They can still be typical baby shower gifts such as clothing or bedding and blankets, but in a mint green or pale yellow, rather than pink or blue. After all, all babies need onesies, pajamas, and receiving blankets. Try to steer clear of dancers or dinosaurs, and instead opt for animals or stripes or polka dots.


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As cute as babies are, we all know how susceptible they are to getting dirty. After the parents shower their newborn, give them the gift of style by buying an adorable shark robe or spa blanket! Mom and dad will love to see their newborn adorned in these adorable, cozy outfits. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, it is a simple gift that will leave the newborn baby looking even cuter after any shower or bath. Or treat mom with a to Mama to be robe or personalized terry cloth robe to relax in!

Sweets and Treats

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No moms-to-be will turn down a box of chocolates or a sweet treat to celebrate revealing the gender of their baby! Help satisfy mom's cravings with delicious chocolate. This is the perfect gift to bring that doesn't have to be expensive, but is still a gift to have for the get-together. No one will turn down food or sweets!

Personalized Memorabilia

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Some couples can be specific about the gender reveal party gifts they are looking for. What safer way to go than to buy them some personalized memorabilia! Whether it be for the newborn’s room or the living room, there are tons of products online that you can find to fit the needs and decor of their home. One exceptional gift idea is matching mugs for mom and dad, it is as practical as it is cheesy and cute. When they drink their coffee or tea in the morning, you know your gift will always be put into use!

Baby Technology

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Living in the 21st century gives us some technological perks other generations only wish they could have had. One piece of technology in particular that is a fantastic gift is an ear thermometer. A crucial device for parents that allows them to monitor their child for any possible fever or infections, this gift will be used time and time again.

Need a different idea? Fetal heart rate monitors are another great piece of hardware mom and dad will appreciate. These monitors can be used to count the baby’s heart rate and check the fetal heart rate during labor. Any gift that helps give parents a peace of mind is a gift worth giving, making these technology options awesome gender reveal party gifts!

Gender Neutral Receiving Blankets

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The moment a baby comes out of its mother’s womb is a special moment that can not be put into words. Make sure this moment comes out picture-perfect by giving the parents a gender neutral blanket to welcome their baby into the world with! Since you are not sure about the gender, you can choose neutral colors like yellow, green, or white if you decide to buy them a blanket. A gift that can used even after that special moment, blankets are a safe and practical choice for all families expecting a newborn.

Bathtime Accessories

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There's one thing all babies have in common - they get dirty! Bath essentials make great gender reveal party gifts. Bathing babies is easiest done in a baby-sized tub to allow them a secure place to sit while you are cleaning them. Plus, they make a great basket for goodies for a present. Fill the tub with shampoo, lotion, towels, or washcloths to make the perfect gift.

Potty Necessities

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Another thing all babies need? Diapers, and lots of them. Diapers and wipes make great gifts for parents because it can be years before they stop using them. Consider adding a few extras including diaper rash cream, baby powder, or other necessities. This is a gift that will always be appreciated.

Baby Furniture 

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Rocking chairs are a gift that any new parent will cherish, because they will spend a lot of time using it. Rocking a baby to sleep, or back to sleep, each night will be a wonderful bonding time with parents and their little ones. Plus, it will be a comforting routine for babies that can really help transition them to their new life in a loud, bright world.

Travel Accessories

gift for kidsOftentimes, A car seat for a newborn is included in a stroller set. This is a very generous gift and something all new parents need. Just be sure to double-check on their requirements for a set, perhaps included on their baby shower gifts registry. Some parents like a stroller good for jogging, or need a car seat that can easily clip to bases in multiple cars. Needing something a little more affordable? Consider travel accessories, such as a sun shade for the car or a mirror to allow the parents to see their little one's face while it is backwards-facing in the vehicle.

A Baby Book

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Baby books are a timeless tradition that parents will love and cherish for years to come. A baby book documents all the big moments in a baby's life: their first tooth, their first haircut, first words, first steps, and so much more. It can be filled with tributes from family members and friends, photographs, hospital memorabilia, and other important keepsakes. Want to make it especially unique? Invite family and friends to write a personalized note for the parents and baby on one of the shower pages in the book. It can be a fun surprise or a gender reveal party activity.

Gift Cards

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Need a foolproof idea? Get a gift card to local baby store such as Babies 'R' Us or a local grocery store. Parents can stock up to buy big supplies they may need such as a stroller or crib. They can also hold on to the card until after the party to buy their first gender-specific outfit or toy. Grocery store gift cards are useful too so parents can buy bottles, baby food, formula, and more.

Remember, a gender reveal party is a very special time for parents. They are learning for the first time if they will be having a son or daughter. No matter what gift you choose, they will appreciate your kind sentiments the most and the fact you are part of their special day. And, if you're someone who is desperate to make a monogrammed blanket or special quilt, this isn't the time. But, you will be first in line to find out just what you need to make for the baby shower or once the little one arrives.

Gender reveal parties are a special moment in the lives of soon-to-be parents. Don’t screw it up by buying a sub par gift, choose one of the above ideas and feel confident that you got the gift that will help make this occasion as perfect as possible! Is there a great gift idea that wasn’t mentioned above? Do you want to share the reactions you received for your gift? Feel free to ask a question or leave a comment below to share your thoughts and ideas!

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