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What is a Sprinkle Baby Shower

Published December 17, 2013        by Sarah

There’s nothing quite as special as that first baby shower. The first baby seemingly gets everything though. Big baby showers, completed baby book gifts, Mom’s undivided attention . . . While there’s not much other people can do about the last two, there is something friends and family members can do about the first one. Fortunately, many have decided to pitch in and give the second, third, and any additional babies a shower. It may not need to be quite as lavish as the shower for the first baby, though, which is why these parties for additional babies have been dubbed “sprinkles.”

it's a baby sprinkle feast by Moxieg, on FlickrWhy A Sprinkle?

It was once thought that after the first baby, Mom didn’t need an additional shower. After all, unless the baby was another gender completely, she had everything she needed, right? People just don’t think that way, though. Not only do friends and family want to buy gifts for subsequent children, but moms want the shower experience for those kids just as much as they wanted it for the first baby.

The Controversy

Some guests and even parents feel like a sprinkle is just too much. They were often very blessed by friends and family the first time around, and they feel bad asking for additional baby gifts. Some guests may even feel a second shower is a bit on the greedy side. That’s why this one is so much smaller, though. You should only invite close friends and family to this one to keep those hard feelings to a minimum.

What Changes?

Almost everything about a sprinkle is different than a shower. It’s a shower on a much smaller scale. The guest list is typically cut in half for a sprinkle. If Mom had fifty guests at her shower, she generally has around twenty for her sprinkle. The decorations are fairly minimal, as are the games and menu choices. Sprinkles typically include lighter bites and sometimes there aren’t any games at all. Sprinkles are almost always kid friendly, and including the big brother or big sister to be is an absolute must. If you do decide to have games, make sure sister or brother can participate in them or help out in some way.

The Gifts

The real key with sprinkle gifts is to offer up those basic necessities that will be used again and again in everyday life. From diapers and wipes to baby soap, lotion, and even formula if Mom won’t be nursing, going with gifts that are an absolute necessity are key with a sprinkle. Guests don’t need to feel restricted about buying new books, toys, and outfits (especially if the new baby is a different gender), but the focus should be on those basic needs.

The Invitations

Not everyone understands the concept of a sprinkle yet, so you may want to use specialized wording on the baby shower invitation so anyone on your guest list can better understand the concept. Something like “All Babies Are Cause For Celebration/Join Us for a Smaller Shower – A Sprinkle – For Annie” should suffice. You may even want to go as far as listing out the gifts Mom needs this time around to help your guests understand exactly what to bring.

Sprinkles are a great way to welcome the second, third, or even fourth child into the world with the same excitement you did the first one!

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