What to Give the New Mom for a Push Present

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Image by AndrewEick on FlickrYour wife or significant other deserves something after all of that hard work, right? That desire to reward all of the difficulty and hard work a woman goes through during childbirth has created a new tradition for many – the push present. Wondering what you should give her for a push present? Here are a few ideas that may help you get started.

Make Travel Plans: You may not realize it, but this is the best time to take a vacation. Your little one will still be easy to travel with for the next few months because he or she will sleep through the flight and any time you want to go out to dinner, so consider a family vacation the two of you will love when she feels like getting back up on her feet.

A Beautiful New Locket: She needs a way to remember you and baby all of the time, and a locket is the perfect way to do that. If you’re thinking of picking up the old standard here, though, forget about it. There are many beautiful locket styles to choose from today, including locket bracelets, so make certain you get one that meets her needs.

A Gift for the Nursery: What could she really use most in the nursery? She’s going to have a lot to do in the next few weeks caring for baby, and if there’s an item she could really use in the nursery area, buy it! Whether it’s a comfy new rocker/recliner or an amazing video monitoring system, buy her something she’ll put to good use in the next few months.

Birthstone Ring or Necklace: Help her celebrate the birth of your new baby with a birthstone ring or necklace. Choose something in a style you know she’ll love, and make certain that if you’re planning on more, there are expansion options for the future.

Electronics, Anyone? Your wife or girlfriend is going to be spending quite a bit of time inside in the next few weeks and months, so why not upgrade your television or stereo system as a push gift to both of you? Adding a new HDTV flat panel may make those all-nighters a little more bearable than the two of you initially thought.

Hire Some Help: There’s nothing quite like being overwhelmed right after the new baby gets home, so why not hire some help for a little while? Whether you have a cleaning service come in a few times a week, have the laundry done outside the home, or get someone to cook your meals for the first month or two, hiring a little help around the house can be the best new mom gift she ever wanted.

A Love Letter: Want to do something special for her, but you don’t have a lot of cash on hand to get her a push present? There are few things quite as rewarding as a love letter. Inside, tell her how proud you are of her for delivering such a beautiful baby. Make certain, though, that it’s from the heart, not off the cuff.

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