What to Give for an Engagement Gift

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She just said “I do.” What’s next for the happy couple? The perfect engagement gift for you. What should you pick up? How much should you spend? This quick guide can help answer all of your engagement gift questions.

Do I Have to Give an Engagement Gift? There’s no etiquette standard that says an engagement gift is a necessity. If you’ll be attending an engagement party, you may want to bring one along, but in many cases, even this is still an option. If you feel like getting them a gift to celebrate, do so. If it’s just not going to work financially, don’t worry about it. Save your money for the wedding gift.

How Much Should I Spend? It’s important to keep your spending in check with this event. The wedding is coming up, and you’ll likely want to splurge there, so don’t get out of control with the engagement gift. If you see something you know they’ll love and it fits within your budget range, go ahead and get it. If you have tighter restrictions, it’s fine to go with the simpler, cheaper gift for the engagement. Only spend what you feel like spending on this gift, then save your big money item for the wedding itself. When the wedding finally rolls around, you’ll be glad you chose to splurge on the bigger of the two events.

What Should I Get? If they’ve already had a chance to register, now is a great time to go ahead and buy something off of their registry. In many cases, though, they won’t have had a chance to register yet, so there are a few good choices for any couple. A gift certificate to an experience is always a great choice. Whether you go with a couples’ massage or a cooking class, allowing them to do something fun together is always going to be a welcome present. A monthly subscription is another good choice, especially if the two of them are already living together. If they’re getting married within the next six months, it’s the perfect way to give them a gift that will continue to have benefits into the early months of their marriage. A wine club, a cookie club, or even a pizza club could be fun. If you’re a family member and there’s a family heirloom that makes for the perfect gift, that could be a great choice too. Accessories to help plan the wedding also make a wonderful choice. On a tighter budget? You can still get a great gift for the bride and groom-to-be. Go with a simple gift certificate to a store or restaurant. You could even go with something homemade for their new home. The key is to offer something that is memorable and perfect for the moment.

No matter what you end up choosing, you’re certain to get a gift the two of them will love. All you have to do now is start planning what to get them for the wedding!

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