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What to Give Your Godchild as a Baptism Gift

Published August 26, 2010        by Sarah

Baby Baptism

When you are chosen to be a Godparent in a new baby’s life, you are being honored in a very special way. You are being asked to help guide a baby’s religious upbringing and to promise to help raise the child should anything happen to the parents. It’s a true blessing to be a Godparent. You will have a special bond with your Godson or Goddaughter as they grow into adulthood and beyond.

The Baptism gift should be extra special since you are being honored with the spiritual care of the child. So, what can you give that will appropriately convey your love?

• Think about writing a special letter to your Godchild. Write about the day she was born and any special thoughts you have about her and sentiments for her future. Write it on special parchment or stationery and seal it in a decorative envelope. Write on it, “For Libby, To Be Opened on your 18th Birthday,” or some variation of it. Have her parents save it for her in her baby book or in another special place. You will both be so surprised to read it when all the years have passed.

• Give a photo album that’s engraved with your Godchild’s name and Baptism date. Then, as the years go by, offer to come over and fill it with special photos and mementos for the child. As the years pass, you will be creating a memory book that will be treasured.

• Traditional gifts, of course, include cash and savings bonds. You can even set up a special savings account for your Godchild now and tell her parents that you intend to add to it as the child grows up. Give the parents the passbook and account number. Then, as you make deposits, they can hold onto it for their child. You can include a letter wishing your Godchild happiness and hoping she will use the money for college.

The day is all about bringing a new child into the Christian faith, so celebrate the big event with crosses. You can start a cross charm bracelet that you will add to over the years. Or, if you have a little Godson, you can start a collection of wall crosses or cross statues that you’ll keep adding to. If you travel, plan to purchase a cross everywhere you go and continually add to the growing collection. It will be a special reminder of a very special Godparent.

• Engraved pendants, lockets and other fine jewelry is also a nice idea. For a little Goddaughter, you might start her out with a real pearl necklace and add to it every holiday. By the time she’s 18, she’ll have a gorgeous strand of real pearls to wear to her prom. Or, start her out with a real silver or gold baby bracelet monogrammed with her initials. You can also purchase gem jewelry in her birthstone. You’ll probably be the first one to ever gift her with her birthday stone. A special pendant with a cross on it or a religious medal in silver or gold is also a fine choice.

The idea is to give a memorable gift that you can also keep adding to over the years. You will want to keep up your special relationship with your Godchild and having a special collection that’s started at birth will be a lovely way to do it.

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