What to Include in a Wine Gift Basket

wine gift basket

wine gift basketGift baskets are easily one of the best gifts you can offer someone. They’re perfect for almost any occasion, and you can pack them full of amazing goodies. Wine gift baskets take things to an entirely new level. They include a touch of elegance, relaxation, and deliciousness in one fantastic gift. If you’re building one for a friend, family member, or colleague, here are a few things you may want to include.


It may seem like this one should be last on the list, but it’s easily one of the most important items when you’re doing a wine gift basket. Sure, you could go with the most common corkscrew you find in every discount store, but there are actually lots of options with this gadget these days. You can get a corkscrew on a stand, an electric push button corkscrew, or even air pressure corkscrews.

Wine Charms

If you routinely enjoy wine at dinner parties or in the company of others, it can be difficult to remember which one is your glass. These creative little pieces can help. They come in all shapes and sizes, and you simply attach them to the bottom of your glass to help you remember which one is yours. Whether you want to go with chalkboard charms so your guests can put their initials on their charm or something a bit cuter like book club themed charms, choose ones you’ll love, and be sure to get enough for your regular crew.


The argument could certainly be made that these don’t necessarily belong in a wine gift basket due to their fragility, but in some cases, you simply must include a good set of glasses. If you’re giving a housewarming gift or even a wedding gift, these have to go in. If you’re doing a travel wine basket, you may even want to invest in a set of silicone, very portable wine glasses for the recipient while he or she is on the trail.


Most wine baskets aren’t just about wine. They’re about the entire experience that accompanies wine, and often that includes food of some kind. Many wine baskets choose the food based on the wine they plan to include. If you’re going with a fruity, dessert wine, or even a more intense fruity wine, you’ll want to go with chocolate. Bars, cakes, even chocolate covered strawberries will work best with a wine like that. If you want to include a gorgeous white wine, go with a creamy cheese and some crackers. Want to include red wine? Add in some mixed nuts, smoked almonds, or dried fruits.


It’s tough to have a wine basket without a bit of wine, and deciding what to include is often the toughest part of building the basket. If you’re shipping the basket and you happen to be in an area with amazing local wines, feel free to include those. If you don’t have anything local, just go with what you know. The last thing you want to do is put in an untested wine and have the recipient sit down with a glass of something that simply redefines poor quality wine.

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