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What to Include in an Easter Basket

Published March 25, 2015        by Matt

What to include in an Easter basket

What's in My Basket?

This whole article is going to go over the many possibilities of what to put in an Easter basket, based on my own experience of what's been in my Easter baskets over the years.

Growing up, my mom always made an Easter basket for each one of her children and put in special little items just for them. These items were based on our age at that time, our current hobbies, seasonal trends, that kind of thing. These made for memories that my siblings and I will remember forever! Are you ready to get started? Let's get to it!

Baby Easter Items

baby easter basket
Image by zzilch on Flickr

What to give the baby?

As you can imagine, babies are a little tougher to find Easter items for. Baby Easter baskets at my house typically consisted of Peeps, which were gummed on by little ones (I'm an older child, that's how I know this stuff!)

Other items included a little stuffed bunny, which inevitably made for adorable Easter photos, bunny ears (another photo opp!), a couple new books, and maybe a new Easter bonnet or spring hat.

All of these things went over very well with the littlest tykes! Of course, my mother had a lot of practice to get it right!

More Baby Ideas

toddler easter basket
Image by (ABC)Andrea on Flickr

Toddler Basket

Easter items for busy tykes

As toddlers, they can focus and better understand the concept of the Easter Bunny, Easter eggs and of course, they can now eat the delicious Easter candy that we've all grown to love. Toddlers especially love the opportunity to eat candy on this special day. Just make sure that it's age appropriate and not a choking hazard.

Some popular toddler candy includes:

  • Peeps
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs
  • Mini Egg Gum
  • Small Chocolate Bunny

Of course, they may or may not be content with sweets here. At this age, I remember receiving my very first umbrella. It had a neat pink curved handle, it was easy to use, and the top was a clear with polka dots. I used this for years and I still remember it to this day! Other spring themed gifts for the basket might be rain boots, a seed starter kit, or like the baby baskets, some new books.

Toddler Toys for Tinkering

Toddler Toys for Tinkering
Image by EvelynGiggles on Flickr

Kids Ideas

Easter baskets for kids ages 4 through 9

For kids ages 4 through 9

Choosing Easter baskets for kids ages 4-9 can be a lot of fun. Kids at this age love to explore, learn new things and use their imaginations. That's why for this age, you can go a little crazy and try a few unique items you might come across.

Image by hoyasmeg on Flickr

First of all, treats are always a huge deal for kids (even college kids still love food, right?) so you can opt for things like an Easter cookie bouquet or a basket of decorated Easter cookies.

In the realm of treats, the sure-fire candy items include:

  • Peeps
  • Reese's Eggs
  • A Chocolate Bunny
  • Malted Milk Eggs
  • Jelly Beans
  • Cadbury Candy Eggs
  • Foiled Milk Chocolate Eggs
  • And of course the list could go on and on.

Basically any chocolate gift will be more than well-accepted! Now if you want to go beyond the edibles, try fun activities they'll enjoy in the spring like a new kite, roller skates, something new for their bike (or a bike if they don't have one), or even just sunglasses!

Kids Easter Basket Prank - He gives her brussel sprouts!

Tween and Teen Easter Items

What to give these cool kids

Tweens and teenagers are the toughest ones to make Easter baskets for. They've grown to expect fun, new items in their baskets, but at the same time they have reputations to uphold and can sometimes be in a too-cool-for-anything mood. So where do you even start?

Well, believe it or not, these guys and gals can be delighted in little toys that have a challenge to them. They'll spend hours trying to master a certain game or task. That's why funny games like Perplexus, a ball puzzle where you attempt to follow a track to the end of the maze. This addicting game will keep them busy for sure!

Don't forget their candy either, because that might be the thing they're looking forward to the most! Spoil them with a candy bouquet, or include in their basket, all their favorites from years past for a truly nostalgic Easter.

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