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When it's Okay to Splurge on Gifts

Published April 17, 2013        by Sarah


Deciding exactly what you should spend on that upcoming gift can be a little difficult. While many will tell you to never spend less than $50 at a wedding or never spend more than $50 on a child’s birthday, understanding when you should splurge and when you should stick to the guidelines is tough.

Want to stick to the rules? Here are a few reasons it’s okay to splurge on a gift.

#1 – The Recipient is Very Important to You

One good reason to splurge on a gift is if the person you’ll be giving it to plays a fundamental role in your life. For example, say your favorite niece is getting married. It’s okay to really go all out on a wedding gift basket and let her know how important she is to you. The same is true of a favorite aunt or even retiring college professor. Gifts are meant to show people that you value them, but those special splurge gifts are the perfect way to show that person that you truly care and the role they’ve played in your life is not just important to who you are, but absolutely essential.

#2 – You Can Afford It

Times are tight these days, and a year ago, it’s possible you couldn’t even afford to get the special individual on your list something. This year, though, maybe that big bonus at work came through. Maybe you finally hit the Lucky 3 Lotto jackpot. Perhaps the new job just pays better than you ever imagined it would. If you can afford to splurge, go ahead and do it. Just remember, though, that if you splurge only because you can, others on your list could be expecting the same level of splurge down the road.

#3 – It’s a Very Special Occasion

Your parents’ 50th anniversary will never happen again. What’s more, though, is that it’s not an event that happens for very many couples, so you want that anniversary gift to be special. Your son may have spent a year in rehab, but now he’s just graduated with his Master’s degree, and you never thought you’d see the day. No matter what the special occasion, if it’s a big deal in that person’s life or in yours, it’s the ideal time to splurge a bit. The moment only comes once, so whether it’s that push gift for your wife because you’re so excited to be a father or your child just won the Nobel Peace Prize, if it’s within your budget, a splurge gift is absolutely appropriate.

Every occasion is not going to be the time to splurge, but if you think this one might be, and you’ve done some serious thinking about whether or not the added costs are truly worth it in this case, go ahead and spend the money on that wonderful gift. The recipient will appreciate the hard work and thought you put into it, and you’ll have the memory of an amazing experience for both of you that will be treasured in the years to come.