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Who Should I Invite To A Baby Baptism?

Published January 04, 2012        by Sarah

Baby Baptism

Baby baptisms are special occasions. It’s the time when you will dedicate your baby to Christ and promise to raise him or her in a Christian tradition. You’ll also have god parents to choose who will promise to raise your children should anything happen to you and your husband, and who also will guide your child along through life.

So, who gets invited to this big day? It will depend on how you want to do it. First off, you’re going to pick two people to be god parents. These are typically the two closest members of your family—one male and one female. But it can also be anyone you choose from a close family friend to a cousin. It is considered an honor to be chosen as a god parent, so no one is likely going to turn your invitation down. Just be sure you choose someone trustworthy and who you know will be in your life forever.

The Catholic tradition baptizes babies. Other faiths have adult baptisms if they have them at all. So, it’s a cultural as well as a traditional custom used by only certain religious groups. When thinking about inviting people to the actual ceremony, consider their religion as well as their relationship to you. You want to include everyone from your immediate family as well as the people closest to you in your family. Aunts, uncles, cousins and other close family are always invited.

When it comes to your friends outside of your family, consider a few things. Will they have to travel a far distance to make it to the baptism? Will they be uncomfortable in your church if they are from another faith? Will it pose an inconvenience to them to have to make arrangements to come (are they ill or unable to travel)?

Most times it’s more a factor of how many people your event hall or home can hold rather than a person’s situation that will dictate who you invite to a baptism. For instance, if you’re having the reception at your house and only have room for 20 people, you’re going to have to start cutting some of your friends out. However, if you have a hall booked and can accommodate any number of people, go ahead and invite everyone you want. If someone is unable to travel, they can politely say no. They will usually send a baptism gift anyway even if they can’t make it.

You need to invite everyone to the actual baptism as well as the reception. The highlight of the day is seeing the baby get baptized. Many people have the event catered afterwards, but you can cook everything the night before and refrigerate it. When everyone gets to your house, just start warming things up. You can also decorate your home, and/or prepare baptism favors for your guests.

Baptisms are sometimes held on Saturday mornings so as not to interfere with the normal Sunday mass schedule. But you can ask at your church if Sunday afternoons are offered. Sometimes it’s easier to have it on a Saturday rather than a Sunday when people have to be up early for work the next day. But it will depend on when your church offers baptisms.

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