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Why Should You Make Your Own Homemade Get Well Card?

Published April 26, 2010        by Rae Ann

Photo Credit: Abbysmommy at
Photo Credit: Abbysmommy at

It's easy to just go in a shop and buy a get well card. Yes it might take the time to choose one that would be just right for the recipient, but a homemade get well card shows that even more thought has gone into the get well soon sentiment.

When you create a card from scratch, you are thinking about the person while you are creating it and end up with a unique card, which no-one will receive ever again! No more having to worry about getting the same card from a shop, especially if the person receiving the card has a particular love of owls, frogs, elephants, cars, sailing, or whatever it might be.

You can easily get into the fun of creating homemade cards for every occasion.  It goes hand in hand with scrap booking as the techniques are pretty much interwoven. People find it a very relaxing hobby.  There are all sorts of different methods you can use to create unique cards.

Making homemade cards is even more fun if you have kids, as then you can all sit around the table and create unique cards, chatting, and laughing together. If you don't have kids you can set up a homemade card making group with your friends. Then you can enjoy the togetherness while making cards.

When you create cards yourself, you never have to worry about not having a card on hand when an occasion pops up. Instead you can get out your card making materials and create something unique and wonderful, wherever your imagination takes you in the wee hours.

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