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Writing Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Published April 09, 2012        by Sarah

Thank You Notes

A baby brings out the generosity in people; at showers, expectant parents are often overwhelmed at the incredible baby shower gifts that friends and family offer to them and to the new addition.  From receiving baby blankets and crib sheets, onesies and bibs, to toys and books, showers are wonderful ways to give couples what they need to start their new baby’s life.  While people love shopping for babies and expect nothing other than for you to enjoy the gifts, it is always a great idea to thank them for their generosity and thought.  Here are some tips for writing baby shower thank you cards.

As guests arrive at your baby shower, ask that they print their names and addresses in a guest book. This can be a simple sheet of paper or a more decorative book that you can then add pictures to for a scrapbook.  Whatever you choose, this will give you the guests’ addresses for your thank you notes.  Next, enlist the help of your mother, sister, or best friend.  It will be her (or his, we’re not sexist!) job to write down which guest gave which gift.  In the excitement of opening all those gifts, it can be difficult to remember which gift goes with which guest.  This is important, though, so you can reference the gift in the card.

Now, we know expectant mothers and couples are very busy trying to get ready for the little one; but remember, your guests took time out of their busy lives to shop and attend your shower. Thanking them personally is the best option, even if it does take a little longer.

  • Always handwrite your cards so they are personal.
  • Do not use a fill-in-the-blank card or a card with a prewritten message. No one likes to get a card with nothing but your signature. It is very impersonal and does not convey your gratitude.
  • Always write a few lines about the gift, how you plan to use it, etc.  Your baby shower guest/gift list will be invaluable here.
  • Send the notes as promptly as you can; once the baby comes, you won’t have as much time to write them.  If you can, make them out the day of your shower – while everything is fresh in your mind!
  • If you need help, have your partner or a friend address the envelopes for you and ask them to stop by the post office to mail them.  But do not make your baby shower guests fill out their own return envelope.  As etiquette experts say, that’s just tacky!

Image by stickwithjosh on FlickrYour wording can certainly be your own; as long as you convey your thanks and appreciation, it does not matter if you are a natural poet or not. The following example is simple, direct, but loving:

Dear Tami,

What an amazing blanket!  I know it was a lot of work, but I love it and I know the baby will too!  Thank you so much for the beautiful, thoughtful gift.

Here, you are commending this person not only on their blanket-crafting skills, but on their thoughtfulness and style.  It won’t take you long to write those few lines, but it will mean so much to the giver.

Another example:

Dear Janet,

Thank you so much for the gorgeous outfit!  I fell in love with it, and we have it packed in our bag so we can take our new little girl home from the hospital in style!

It will make the giver feel great that her gift has such a place of honor. Even if it doesn’t, you can still write something like, “I can’t wait to put this on the baby!” or “Just when I thought baby clothes couldn’t get any cuter!”

Baby shower thank you cards are a tiny way to show your appreciation; they will take a little time to fill in, but, in many ways, this is your gift to your guests.

2 thoughts on “Writing Baby Shower Thank You Cards”

  1. This part of the event can be very heartwarming. You are just happy that the event is over and you just want to thank your guests for making it possible.

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