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Zoo Animal Baby Shower

Published March 20, 2015        by Matt

Zoo Animal baby shower ideas

Plan The Best Zoo Themed Baby Shower Ever!

Whether the Mom-to-be is an animal lover or you are looking for a truly creative idea for a baby shower, zoo animals is fun, exciting, and unique. Natural themes are really popular for baby showers, and the animal kingdom is a great way to incorporate a natural theme with pizzazz into your plans. Images of mama and baby zoo animals will tie in the concept of the baby shower and provide you with loads of ideas. Think about all the animals in a zoo - from lions and turtles to snakes and monkeys. The possibilities are as varied as the different animals. Here are some ideas to get you started planning your zoo baby shower.

Zoo Animal Shower Invitations

zoo baby shower invitationCentering your theme around zoo animals is fun and provides a wide variety of options! Too keep the focus on baby, a cute idea is using picture of a mama and baby zoo animal. Or you can also choose invitations featuring different jungle animals - such as some zoo baby shower invitations shaped like elephants, others shaped like friendly monkeys, others shaped like hippos, etc. Mix them up and send as many different animal invitations as you can.

The best thing about a zoo animal theme is that animals are so versatile. They're perfect for a gender-neutral shower! If the mom-to-be wants to reveal the gender to her guests, zoo animals work equally well for either gender - pink or blue can easily be incorporated in the theme. Another wonderful thing is that zoo animals fit with a variety of color patterns and also offer adorable wild patterns like zebra, leopard and more! The endless possibilities ensure a unique and spectacular shower invitation!

Zoo Animal Decorations and Tableware

monkey diaper cakeThink animal kingdom and incorporate images of all different zoo animals. Many party companies produce streamers, napkins, and zoo-animal themed decor items. Go to a discount store and purchase stuffed zoo animals. Arrange them on your table for a cute centerpiece. Construct a baby shower diaper cake using zoo-animal themed diapers.

Play a CD of animal tunes. Cut out palm leaves from green paper and hang them around the room for a fun jungle effect. Pin up banners or customized garlands adorned with happy zoo animals. Add animal-themed mylar balloons and other cute touches to add to the ambiance and mood. Hang colored lights in the shapes of animals for even greater effect.

In place of a table cloth, try a long woven table runner or more green palm leaves. Wrap the table with raffia, readily available at craft stores, for a festive jungle feel. Arrange goodies and party favors in woven baskets or wooden bowls to further invoke the zoo animal's jungle world. Select napkins and plates in the shape of different zoo animals. Hang cutouts of zoo animal silhouettes or hang baby shower banners with images of zoo animals throughout the baby shower area.

Zoo Animal Baby Shower Food Ideas

Think treats like pretzels, ice cream bars, and other fun snacks you might find at the zoo. Another creative way to bring zoo animals into your treats is to make cupcakes with animal faces piped on them. Combine food coloring and vanilla frosting to create your colors of choice, and place the mixture in a pastry bag or a sandwich bag with a small hole cut from a corner. It's easy to pipe faces on the tops of cupcakes.

Try using candies for eyes, gumdrops for noses, pretzels for whiskers. If you'd rather provide a large single cake for guests to enjoy, pipe frosting pictures of animals on top of the cake and adorn the cake with candies and gumdrops. For a simple and elegant zoo-inspired treat, you may also purchase animal-themed cupcake wrappers or cake toppers from party supply stores.

How To Make Zoo or Jungle Animal Cupcakes

Baby Shower Game Ideas

Try a scavenger hunt. Make a map to give to each guest and hide different cheap party favors around the baby shower area. On the day of the shower, hand out the maps, blow a whistle and let the fun begin.

Another great game idea is to play zoo animal bingo. Create a bingo card for each guest, and instead of numbers, use pictures of zoo animals. Draw zoo animals and call the name out loud. The first guest to get bingo wins the baby shower game prize - a trip to the local zoo!

zoo baby shower favorsBaby Shower Favor & Gift Ideas

Carry the earthy, natural theme further with party favors. Fill animal print bags with pretzels, chocolate treats, banana-shaped candies. Wrap candy bars with animal-themed wrappers or place animal stickers on the outside of clear candy wrappers.

Or buy personalized baby shower favors like the ones shown above to give your guests. Options are endless and include notepads, gum, candy bars and more with lion, elephant, and monkey themes.

Zoo Inspired Shower Gifts

A stuffed zoo animal for baby's room will provide joy for baby and a memory for Mama of her wonderful baby shower. Ask guests to bring zoo-themed toys or other items, like a onesie with a giraffe on it, or a baby blanket gift with different jungle animals, and gather them in a large woven basket. The woven basket ties in to the natural theme and provides a handy and attractive storage container Mom can use to store baby's toys.

The adorable jungle-inspired socks and adorable giraffe blanket are available from Baby Gifts & Gift Baskets. The also have a wide array of other gifts so shop for a baby gift basket today!

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