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Ronda Cross "Don't miss the chance to buy from this incredible company! The gifts were perfect and the service was unbeatable."

-Ronda Cross, Office Manager at Kennedy Communications

Jenn "All About Gifts and Baskets shows that they actually care about helping us build relationships with our customers. We constantly get compliments and it’s an easy way for them to remember us. They provide delicious snacks and go above and beyond by providing some of the BEST customer service and engagement I’ve ever experienced!”

-Jenn, Operations Manager at Nexosis

Odessa "There is nothing better than seeing the look on my bosses’s faces when we have our clients and employees rave about the gifts we send."

-Odessa, Head of Office Management at JDR Realty Development Company

Valerie Wright "AAGifts is a gift game changer! Everyone loves the healthy, tasty choices and variety of gifts offered. It is a huge time saver and for the price  you receive it’s a no brainer to keep clients happy!"

-Valerie, Office & Event Manager at Blue Sombrero

Christy "I love that I don’t have to spend time picking out gifts! I picked two gifts and sent them to 500 clients this year. They made the ordering process as easy as I’ve ever seen."

-Christy, Office Manager at OneStream Software

Andrew Coleman"Our clients received their gifts so quickly and they loved them! They kept asking me where I got them. I completely recommend this company."

-Andrew Coleman, Owner at LG Logistics

Winnie Zhang"I never had holiday gifts raved about so much as when I bought from All About Gifts & Baskets last holiday season. I'm purchasing again this year, and I'm buying a basket for myself too!"

-Winne Zhang, President at Atlas Staffing

Lauren"All About Gifts & Baskets has provided a healthy, simple, and convenient way to provide gifts to our employees.”

-Lauren, Office Manager at LootCrate

Steph"Extremely easy to use and for our sales people to leverage. Extremely easy to please the masses.”

-Steph, HR Manager at Sente Mortgage

Darlene“All About Gifts & Baskets takes the guess work out of keeping clients happy. We’ve been using them since 2002.”

-Darlene, Office Manager at Schrodinger

Michelle“No more fattening cookies and funny colored ‘gifts’ in this office. The wine baskets are to die for.”

-Michelle, VP Finance & HR at VDC Research

Julie“All About Gifts & Baskets is such an enjoyable experience – every year we get new and unique gifts to experiment with.”

-Julie, Office Administrator at Bernstein Management Corporation

Jeanne“All About Gifts & Baskets makes my work day easier.”

-Jeanne, Product Marketing Manager at Pentaho

Mika“Friendly, quick service. And the gifts are the best combination of delicious and healthy!”

-Mika, Office Manager at Collab

Aaron“All About Gifts & Baskets fuels our sales team through long days providing solid, tasty, healthy options!”

-Aaron, VP Global Online Sales at Lionbridge

Margarita“Efficient, healthy, convenient, and delicious!”

-Margarita, CEO & Founder at Zoolsi

Deja“All About Gifts & Baskets provides a great alternative to our sales team alongside a unique customer experience by personalizing every order. Two thumbs up!”

-Deja, Operations Manager at LISNR

Anizza“A healthy way for staying top of mind. Yummies in our tummies!”

-Anizza, Administrative Assistant at Wells Fargo

Glen“The gifts are delicious every time. Plus if there is any issue with a gift, All About Gifts & Baskets is there to fix it, no questions asked–5 star service!”

-Glen, Principal at Digital Campfire

Laura“Things haven’t changed… Food is still the way to the heart… and with amazing healthy gifts, the office feels the love!”

-Laura, Office Manager at GF Real Estate Company

Jeri“Our employees are loving All About Gifts & Baskets! The customer service experience is amazing!”

-Jeri, Administrative Assistant at The Food Group

Heidi“All About Gifts & Baskets: Not only the most fun, healthy and tasty gifts around, but each box saves a life!”

-Heidi, Office and Travel Manager at ClickSoftware

Toni“Wonderful – Healthy – Delicious – Easy – We LOVE All About Gifts & Baskets!!”

-Toni, Assoc. Director of Employee Benefits at Northside Independent School District